Blockchain payment platform Metal Pay just acquired EOS’ Blocks

Blockchain payment platform Metal Pay just acquired EOS' Blocks

EOS’ blockchain explorer platform, was just purchased by another blockchain firm Metal Pay, which operates as a blockchain payment platform. The deal itself took place earlier this week, although it was not revealed how much did MetalPay have to pay for the acquisition.

However, Metal Pay revealed the acquisition today, August 21st, alongside several details that explain the firm’s interest in the EOSIO platform. One such detail is that has over 10,000 daily users.

For now, this remains the only block explorer that Metal Pay owns. Even so, the company expects to benefit strongly from the deal, especially considering the platform’s 10,000 users.

Further, Metal Pay hopes to work together with developers, and their leader, Syed Jafri. Jafri previously worked as a developer at Ethereum, and he founded a major block producer known as EOS Cafe Block.

Metal Pay hopes that, together, they could expand the capabilities of the firm’s proprietary blockchain, Proton, as well as its coin XPR.

Metal Pay’s other projects

Proton itself was launched earlier this year, in April. It is a public blockchain, and it operates as a smart contract platform for P2P payments and consumer apps. Metal Pay also hopes that it will be able to integrate its Proton blockchain into the platform as both, chain and wallet options.

The platform,, is not a part of either EOS or Proton. Instead, it is a token marketplace for non-fungible tokens that exists on the WAX blockchain.

Meanwhile, is Metal Pay’s second acquisition in 2020, with the previous one being a crypto project Lynx (LYNX).

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