Ethereum-based Video Games: How It’s Been Doing in 2020?

Ethereum-based Video Games: How It’s Been Doing in 2020?

Understanding Ethereum can be a bit tough, especially for people who have no idea how these finances are moving. Because of this, some have been looking for ways to make things simpler. One of the more effective ways to teach people to understand Ethereum is through games, where they can have fun and learn about Ethereum at the same time.

If you’re going to ask about the state of Ethereum video games, the perfect case could be the CryptoKitties experience. CryptoKitties went on a viral hype in the last few years, but that hype has reportedly been slowing down. The real value of why that hype blew up is that each kitty represented wealth through Ethereum that – though intangible – will forever be part of a virtual blockchain. What’s good about it is that it is not censorable, and it is not prone to wipe out or deletion. Users could also convert it into tangible cash at any time, but they need to watch how the market moves. That’s a different story for another time.

While CryptoKitties might even possibly become obsolete, it remains the main and current model of how gaming and Ethereum should be together.

Those That Are Taking the Mantle


To be sure, CryptoKitties may even evolve into something else – it’s still around and enjoying the fruits of its popularity. One such example is the Neon District, another online multiplayer game. That may be a poor description, but it is one that is developed as a hybrid role-playing game, and it’s made using and promoting the use of the Ethereum blockchain.

Players can earn the said Ethereum through unique cards, which also evolves and adapts as you use them in games. As these evolve, they eventually grow in value and become valuable to trade in for higher value cards or be sold in exchange for Ethereum.

Neon District

The game encourages getting stronger to take on other players or to provide “training” for other players in exchange for sweet Ethereum. However, it is not the only mode of gameplay planned; there are other plays at work, perhaps for addition as the sidechains get explored.

The Future of Blockchain-based Games

Neon District provides an entryway for developers to follow in CryptoKitties’ footsteps without having deeper knowledge about how blockchain works. At its current form, blockchain games like this can be “clunky” because there remains a certain scaling limit on it, thanks to the absence of a game engine that supports integration into a blockchain architecture.

With the introduction of the future Loom Network-powered Unity SDK, games have the chance to become better. Developers would be able to create games similar to Assassin’s Creed or Skyrim while also running them on a blockchain. In turn, it promotes the mainstream for blockchain-based games.

Is It Legal?

in-game economy

There is a study currently going on whether playing for Ethereum is gambling or not. If you’re going to consider playing for money gambling, then it is. However, all that Ethereum does is closer to the realm of the in-game economy or the mechanic of in-game purchases, similar to how mobile games or some current-gen PC games do it.

There is a lot of studying that should go into the link between Ethereum and gaming before the launch of a viable, main-stream Ethereum game could happen. With the kind of games that are coming out – and the hype started by CryptoKitties and similar games – Ethereum and gaming may soon find itself inseparable from the other.

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08/21/2020 - 18:00

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