Slobloco: Innovations Project and Taxation in Blockchain Technology

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SLOBLOCO 2020 is the first Slovak Blockchain Congress with international participation that will run from November 16th-18th based in Samorin, Slovak Republic. The team behind the Congress has the ambition to fill the conference with 430 participants with approximately 85% exclusively from Slovakia and the Czech Republic with a large portion of attendees coming from the Kelta community as well. Despite having a physical component, the main focus of the conference will be the online streaming component, with virtual tickets starting in October.

SLOBLOCO 2020 will last two full days and will focus on presenting practical applications of the Blockchain technology. The speakers will present future innovations of Blockchain and will talk about the future of the technology. The conference will not omit important aspects such as taxation and legislation regarding Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Speakers will include George Mac, CEO of Kelta Cube, Ing. Ina Kovacova Beckova Innovations, CEO of ATLAS Group, George Salapa, Co-Founder of Bardicredit, Ivan Miklos, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic.

For more information potential attendees are able to peruse the congress schedule and keynote speakers overview on the company website

The conference will take place at X-BIONIC® Sphere, Dubová, 2254 33, 931 01 Šamorín-Čilistov which is situated in Šamorín, Slovak Republic, just 30 minutes from Bratislava. The resort offers a variety of services including accommodation and congress services. Access control as well as the safety of participants will be ensured by one of the Congress sponsors which also has, in the development of a Coronavirus vaccine.

On the first evening of the congress, the conference team will present SLOBLOCO Movie Night. The event will feature a brand-new movie about the world of cryptocurrencies trading called Crypto Heads. Participants can find more information and watch the movie trailer here.

Topics to be included the status of Crypto ATM’s and insurance, the focus on the macroeconomic and political threats and opportunities connected with the COVID-19 era and post COVID era, especially from the point of view of the eurozone and V4 countries, and the taxation of cryptocurrencies trading and mining income as well as the European legislation in this area. The presentation will focus on the first independent crowdfunded coronavirus vaccine against COVID-19 and why this investment based on the Blockchain technology makes sense for individual investors.

The conference will end with a day full of new activities including the SLOBLOCO Party. Attendees will enjoy drinks at the bar, play bowling or billiards, watch the performance of the band Funkiez, and dance to the music mixed by DJ Represent.

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09/16/2020 - 15:00

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