OKEx Ties up with Bitcopy to bring Copy Trading Experience to Users

OKEx Ties up with Bitcopy to Bring Copy Trading Experience to Users

OKEx has entered into a partnership with Bitcopy, a platform focused on providing leading social copy trade services to crypto traders around the world. Under this partnership, OKEx users will be able to enjoy Bitcopy’s copy trading services for free.

In addition, new customers will be guided from Bitcopy to OKEx through copy trade service to enjoy OKEx’s trading services.

Bitcopy is a global social copy trade service that went into full operation in 2020. It is a highly original and edgy service with many differences from other copy trades and has accumulated 2,000 followers so far.

Users who sign up with OKEx will enjoy the following features of Bitcopy

  1. More than 110 strategies are available
  2. Not only discretionary trade but also copy trade (automatic trading) of system trade is possible. Users can copy trade from the excellent traders, who on the other hand, will reap rewards according to the trading amount of the following users.
  3. There is also a strategy to buy and sell cryptocurrency with crypto currency-specific materials, such as buying and selling USDT issues as hooks

To celebrate the partnership between BitCopy and OKEx, we jointly hold a giveaway that participants trade to get up to 100 USDT each.


09:00, Sep 28–09:00, Oct 11, 2020 (HongKongTime)


1. During the event, users sign up OKEx via the link https://bit.ly/3mKcn2C and trade at least $100 worth on OKEx via BitCopy;

2. First 170 qualified participants will be rewarded up to 100 USDT each based on volume.


1. This campaign is only valid for volume executed OKEx trading via BitCopy;

2. Pass KYC1 during the event;

3. Any cheating behavior like malicious registration, trading or multi-accounting will be disqualified;

4. OKEx will give out the reward within 7 working days after the campaign.

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Publication date: 
09/23/2020 - 13:40

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