Airfio is advancing the crypto banking with AI

Airfio is advancing the crypto banking with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the business into a growth-oriented future. With machine learning and big data analysis, AI is an absolute technique that prevents manual errors and rationalizes the system.

Considering the near future, Airfio is emerging in a crypto market with the first ever biggest revolution. It is integrating the AI technology across blockchain based transactions with the vision to make transactions quicker, faster and smarter. Neural language processing under crypto market prevents the error, reduces the cost and improves the work efficiency. Since it read & comprehend the customer’s behavior, it frees up the employees for most complicated errors.

How does AI work better in Crypto banking?

Though cryptocurrency market is soaring with a number of new coins every day, only a few become successful which embraces something new & worth to invest for. Airfio is deriving biggest revolution in crypto banking by emerging AI.

This crypto bank is introducing 21 new products to the market. As enrollment, it presents its own currency “ARF COIN”, Assistant Application, Mining Application, Visa Card, SDK, Earning programs and unlike.

It explains the AI work process in crypto banking as follows!

  • Airfio’s AI technology in crypto banking prevents inefficiency and stimulate smart trading
  • Artificial intelligence uses machine learning and human intelligence – thus it is sure that transactions go smoothly without any room for errors and fatigue.
  • Assistant applications by Airfio offers an instant solution to the query/issue faced by users at the time of trading. It is the personal manager of users which guides them throughout the process.
  • Since neural language read user’s behavior over the system, it better understands user’s requisites and responds them accordingly.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions with AI creates digital leger advanced and investors/traders smarter.
  • ARF coin is built to grow borderless transactions and facilitate everyone has feasible access to cryptocurrency market.
  • Airfio is introducing its decentralized exchange which shall not be managed by any central authority. However, the system is based on AI which verifies the transactions via neural language processing.
  • For the first time ever, digital mining is possible via Mobile technology which is an exclusive launch of Airfio - coming in later days.

Beyond these noteworthy advancements, the ARF coin proposes its future plan of launching ATM machine networks, kiosk machines, SDK, earning programs, Visa card and so on.

Airfio is launching its Pre-ICO Sale from 16th November

The Pre-ICO sale of Airfio will be commencing from 16th November 2017 and will end by 3rd January 2018. There are 10k million tokens allotted for Pre-ICO combining funds to run its various earning programs successfully.

Participants can receive free ARF tokens by joining its network.

How to join ARF’s Earning program!?

It offers various earning programs which has in lined as bounty campaign, referral program, staking program and lending program.

There are two ways to join; either by referred link or by direct visiting []. With a very basic information, users can get registered successfully. Upon registering the Airfio network, an advanced dashboard is given to select most preferred earning task based on his interest.

Bounty Campaign & Referral program of Airfio is the free token earning program where the number of easiest tasks are designed to let users complete and claim the free ARF tokens. Once the task is successfully completed, participants can get the status of approval and their performance on the dashboard itself.

More on its earning program:

Participating and joining this network is really worth investing time and effort because, at every stage (including pre-Ico, during ICO and after completion of ICO), Airfio is offering countless benefits.

Airfio Crypto bank is bringing advancement in cryptocurrency market by evolving AI technology. Be the first to join the community with below source and explore Airfio.

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11/14/2017 - 13:30

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