IOTA (MIOTA) rolls out Chrysalis testnet today

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IOTA Foundation will be launching its Chrysalis testnet platform today, according to its latest tweet about the project.

The development team in charge of the project announced in November that the project will be launched before the end of the year. With the launch coming up today, the team has kept its promise to the users who have expressed excitement on the company’s Tweeter page.

Already, a series of tests have been carried out by the development team, as they experiment with Chrysalis testnet and denying users access to the test project.

Progress amidst internal issues

The launch today will open the doors to users to make use of the platform and enjoy a better user experience.

But IOTA (MIOTA) is still facing some internal issues. On December 10, the company revealed Sonstebo is no longer with them. According to the company, his actions and the goal of the company are no longer aligned together.

Earlier in the week, the Director of Engineering at IOTA Jacub Cech announced in a blog post that the Chrysalis testnet is about going live and the development team is in the final stages to make it go public.

“We are working on bringing all the necessary bits and pieces for making the testnet public soon,” he noted in the blog post.

Also, the IOTA Tweeter message explains the benefits of the platform once it goes public. It says the platform makes use of IOTA to provide an energy platform for electricity delivery with flexibility and a very affordable rate.

Update will boost IOTA’S scalability

The IOTA 2.0 mainnet is set and ready to be launched after the Chrysalis upgrade, described as the biggest IOTA update since the platform was launched.

The intermediary step carried out offered a smooth ride for the transition, which adds new features and boosted IOTA’s scalability.

At the October AMA with CoinMarketCap, David Sonstebo, IOTA’s co-founder, did not specify how fast transactions will run after the upgrade. However, he mentioned that transaction speed will “definitely” go up after the iterations of the project.

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