February 2016

New Logo. But Same Uber?

Although they didn’t compare it to 90s hairdo, Apple and Starbucks are among some of the big companies to have changed their logos because, like Uber, they each felt they were somehow different than their former selves.

“Almost two years ago Shalin Amin and I started a journey to refresh how Uber looked so it could better represent what we were going to become,” Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick said in an announcement.

Narwhals & Unicorns — Why Canada’s Tech Sector is Better than we Think.

Canadians are great at a lot of things (hockey, apologizing & maple syrup to name a few).

We’re also pretty good at being humble, and we need to stop it. Canada is the second largest country in the world by land mass (9.9 Million sq km), and the 37th largest by population (~37 Million). We have a population density of about four…yes, four (4). Four lonely Canucks every square km.

In contrast, the USA (also a giant land mass) has a population density of 34 (still lonely on a global scale, but way more of a party than we have!).