February 2018

Verifier Will Use Blockchain to Check and Confirm Any Data Without Your Involvement

Our time is one of distrust. A time when for each product there are thousands of scams aimed at deceiving users. According to the British report Annual Fraud Indicator, fraud causes massive damage to both private individuals and corporations. For example, in the UK individuals lost 140 billion pounds in 2017, while businesses lost about 40.4 billion pounds. For this reason, there are more stringent requirements for verification of data, requests, and documents.

Two UAE Investors Learned Bitcoin Isn’t a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Two first-time cryptocurrency investors shared their stories with The National on Wednesday, which illustrate that Bitcoin indeed isn’t the get-rich-quick scheme many people mistakenly believe.

‘ … What I Made, I Then Lost’

First up is a Pakistani investor named Mohammed, who first invested in the Bitcoin market in December 2017. Mohammed told The National: