June 2018

What Existentialism Can Teach Us About Dealing With Anxiety

Photo from Unsplash

The ideas of existentialist philosophers all have something to teach us about how to think about, and deal with, anxiety.

The philosophers I will cover in this essay are Emil Cioran and Søren Kierkegaard, who provide incredibly unique and acute insight into the topic of anxiety.

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Spikes by $500

At press time, the father of cryptocurrencies has jumped by $500 in just 24 hours. Yesterday, the coin had fallen to its lowest point in months, and was trading at $5,800 for most of the day. Many analysts were skeptical about potential recovery, and were certain a bear period was likely to mar bitcoin’s progress for weeks or even months on end.

While it’s impossible to say if this jump is part of a short-term or long-term period of improvement, investors and traders are likely breathing a sigh of relief now that the currency has once again moved into the $6,000 region.

Block.one’s Involvement in EOS Voting Has Community Members Concerned

There is no shortage of controversy surrounding the EOS cryptocurrency project. Its main net launch has seen multiple issues, and it now appears Block.one is throwing its weight around where the voting process is concerned. Although this development is not necessarily a bad thing, it has some community members concerned.

6 Ways To Keep Your Financial Information Secure Online

Online banking. Online shopping. Credit cards. Mobile wallets. Today, we have all imaginable forms of financial services at our fingertips. The convenience has improved immeasurably since the days of visiting the bank in person. Along with the convenience has come a long list of perils. A small mistake is all it takes to lose all your hard-earned money to unidentifiable and impossible to catch hackers.

Cardano Price: Huge Gains yet Uneasy Trading Sentiment Remains in Place

Even though all cryptocurrencies are still in the green over the past 24 hours, it remains to be seen how long this situation can last. Some of the earlier gains have been eradicated already for most coins. The Cardano price, on the other hand, is still surging full steam ahead during these curious times.

Dwindling Cryptocurrency Prices Spell More Doom for Plagued ICO Market

The initial coin offering industry has seen a lot of growth over the past 18 months. Various projects launch every single week, and most of them raise a few million dollars in the process. Unfortunately, a lot of ICOs are destined to fail sooner or later. Several billions have been lost due to such failed projects already, and it seems things will only be getting worse from here on out.