July 2018

Midas Open Sources its Service Discovery Library

Most of our code currently runs on AWS. Promoting a micro service architecture, we, as many others, soon faced the problem of service discovery. As others face these problems too, you’d probably think that searching for aws service discovery with your search engine of choice will give you loads of nice solutions. Well, we were disappointed. That's why we wrote our own service discovery library which we are proud to open source. This post explains the motives and why we think that our approach is actually the best.

Find the Single Point of Truth

Navigating the Data Science Careers Landscape — Identify the Right Role to Jumpstart Your Career in…

Navigating the Data Science Careers Landscape — Identify the Right Role to Jumpstart Your Career in Data

If you are thinking of starting a career in data science, you probably agree that things are a bit confusing in this field! What is a Data Scientist anyway? What’s the difference between a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist? What does a Machine Learning Engineer do? What about a Data Engineer, Business Intelligence (BI) Engineer, and Machine Learning (ML) Researcher…?

Facebook’s Record-Setting Stock Market Wipeout Revives Crypto Comparisons

Security and volatility. They are the two aspects of cryptocurrencies that are attacked the most. While there are other challenges such as scalability, the energy consumption associated with mining, and privacy, cryptos’ volatility is often cited by skeptics as the reason they could never become a mainstream payment method. In 2017 alone, Bitcoin’s value rose from $1,000 to almost $20,000, with altcoins like XRP appreciating by upwards of 30,000 percent.