August 2018

Top 4 Upcoming Stablecoins Worth Keeping an Eye On

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be done in many ways. A lot of users don’t like spending fiat currency directly and tend to look for intermediary solutions. This is where so-called stablecoins come into the picture, as they provide an extra gateway to buy Bitcoin and altcoins. The following four upcoming stablecoins, ranked alphabetically, may have a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

#4 nUSD (EOS)

Redux Lifecycle

Pure and Synchronous

Disclaimer: This article is not an introduction to redux. There are a number of good resources to get started with redux (see below) and I suggest you begin with them. This article isn’t about react either. The term “lifecycle” is used in context of redux data flow and operations.

In just three years, redux has become quite a popular choice among frontend developers as the state management library of choice. Even more so in the react ecosystem.

Design follows worldview and worldview follows design

How we see the world influences the real or perceived needs that inform our intentions. If I see the world as a place dominated by fierce competition for limited resources, I will fight others to get my own needs met. I will live a different life, interpret experiences in a different way, and design different products, services and systems, if I see the world as a place of abundance to be shared in solidarity and collaboration within the human family and with deep care for the ecosystems functions that are the basis for this abundance.