Quadency Trading Platform gets $100,000 seed funding from Dash (DASH)

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The Quadency Trading Platform has received an investment fund of $100,000 from Dash Investment Foundation (DIF), the investment arm of Dash Network.

Quadency develops high-tech automated trading tools with algorithms that match almost all types of trading strategies.

The company has experienced impressive growth within the past year, both in its retail and institutional signups. As a result, it has found it necessary to scale up its operations and manufacturing capabilities rapidly.

Dash supports expansion goals

The Dash Investment Foundation says it wants to align with Quadency’s goals and support the growth currently experienced in the company.

DIF is known as the world’s first ownerless investment fund, and it’s stepping up to invest in the project on behalf of the Dash network.

The investment round was made to connect Dash’s technology FastPass into a network of exchanges. As a result of the collaboration, users can connect and interact with exchange members of FastPass using a single tool. Fundamental factors like this partnership have been known to affect the market. But it’s not clear whether many people will now find it more profitable to buy DASH as they anticipate a rise in the token.

Quadency also plays a major role within the Dash FastPass Network, as it’s linked with most of Dash’s FastPass exchanges. This enables almost an instant trade across exchanges.

The collaboration also enables rapid rebalancing, seamless arbitrage, as well as other use cases not possible with other coins.

Quadency is delivering good value to the industry

Quadency is also planning a new upgrade that will enable the connection of FastPass to a network of exchanges in a special manner.

Quadency is rapidly evolving as one of the most advanced trading platform tools in the industry. The company has properly designed dashboards, innovative products, and the goal of delivering good value to the industry.

Chief executive officer of Dash Core Group Ryan Taylor has commented on the partnership. He stated that the company is happy to be entering the partnership with Quadency, adding that FastPass will improve the trading experience of users.

The partnership agreement stated that major holders of the Dash platform, Mastermodes, will be allowed a free trial on the use of Quadency.

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02/18/2021 - 12:37

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