Blockchain in Gaming: Reasons to Use and Tech Peculiarities of DMarket and DreamTeam

State of art Blockchain, AI, and VR technologies have significantly furthered computer games development by creating a brand-new trading market where you can sell or purchase digital items with real money. Ethereum blockchain is a popular system, which can clearly illustrate the efficiency and utility of the blockchain in its entirety.   

Let's discuss how Ethereum blockchain functions and overview some examples in which this technology is used.

The use of Ethereum blockchain

Ethereum is an open blockchain network that allows the spread of information globally without editing or deleting it.

Employing this technology, we are enabled to develop smart contracts, which are an assemblage of codes and their functions, located in the nodes of this chain.


We have a readymade smart contract, which comprises public APIs, so it can be deployed into the network. As the deployment flow proceeds, a transaction is created and performed in the blockchain, which contains code. The next stage is calling the public method, which stands for generating and writing another transaction on the blockchain.

Main Ethereum features are:

  • Inaccessibility to change or erase the data
  • Worldwide availability

Ethereum properties

So Ethereum blockchain’s usefulness and potential may be introduced not only to gaming but to a variety of other areas. For instance, logistics blockchain is also a really promising sphere, which can offer lots of solutions and develop many innovative ideas.

Consequently, these characteristics don't allow manipulating the smart contracts since it is also in the blockchain. What's more, elements in smart contracts may be permanent or temporary. This facility enables programmers to develop various functions, one of which is the permanent element, comprising data about tokens and their owners.

So another point to consider is tokens. The usability of them is various.

There are two types of tokens: ERC-20 and ERC-721, features of which are briefly described below:

Let's go on and consider projects developed with the blockchain.


DMarket is the first platform, providing an opportunity to trade, preserve or sell digital products in games. There are 2-3 billion people engaged in daily gaming, but not every game allows trading. Moreover, only 6% of players use this option. Nonetheless, their revenue illustrates how advantageous it is- $4 billion. DMarket's creators decided to promote this opportunity among gamers by establishing an original gaming trade marketplace with digital assets.

Technologies used in DMarket

DMarket functions with help of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Creators of DMarket have set a new economic market, which attracts gamers to obtain rare extraordinary items, and motivates developers to enhance and evolve their games. All achievements and the number of hours in the game are beneficial and rewarding for users.

Tech peculiarities of DMarket

The whole system incorporates two independent elements:

  • Decentralized blockchain database
  • Trading platform

Decentralized blockchain database

This system comprises transaction info of games/ the trading market. By involving smart contract technology, DMarket facilitates complete safety for all sides of the deal.

The primary purpose of smart contracts is to operate particular conditions, inner cryptocurrency, and virtual products. In this case, a smart contract acts as an intermediary. Delivery and paying depend on smart contracts’ conditions.

Here's the list of actions carried out by DMarket through smart contracts:

  • Check the available player's items and their quantity (implemented by HASH)
  • Check if the potential buyer has enough money
  • Perform the operations, entered by the user in advance

The smart contract proceeds the action after applying the purchase operation and ensures the accounts' settlement.

Trading platform

Based on blockchain, this system accomplishes an enormous number of operations simultaneously and quickly. GoLang and PostgreSQL languages are used for it.

To store all the essential data, DMarket uses an independent service that interacts with the trading platform and the blockchain. Even in circumstances of disconnection, the blockchain's data continuity is safe. The only currency in the DMarket is the DMarket coin. Each user receives ERC-20 DMarket Token via Ethereum, also serving as an in-game item.

Dmarker Token is issued once, and blockchain connects it with Coin. Each game component stands for DMarket Token and has a property-mark of the company or the user. This data is stored in the DMarket blockchain, using the original sign to track the item and its characteristics. 

To conclude, this technology is profitable and beneficial for creators, as well as gamers. Indispensable tech stack to provide all above-mentioned opportunities:

  1. Ethereum ERC-20
  2. Token to make payments
  3. Exonum (providing smart contracts) is responsible for all the information concerning virtual items (cost, characteristics, etc.)
  4. API Server for gamers and blockchain connection


Competitiveness is a significant point, which attracts a lot of gamers. Cybersport or eSports is a contest within modernity, where players merge their strength on the Internet. According to Statista, the eSports audience in the world is 474 million. The cybersports market income is now $1084 million, will reach $1617 million by 2024, and may soon become the #1 sport. However, the progress may decrease due to the absence of transaction safety, necessary tools, and features, etc.

DreamTeam offers solutions to all these issues. It enables settling financial transactions on the eSports market to overcome these obstacles. Creators assert to proceed payments safely. In addition, the platform constantly enhances and provides the users with updated functionality and fresh features.

Tech peculiarities of DreamTeam

Take a look at the tech stack of DreamTeam:

The solutions stack functions through AWS Infrastructure via Docker containers, Kubernetes orchestration, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) frameworks. The platform was tested by Gatling.

Moreover, DreamTeam Tokens may excel and advance eSports. Thus, this platform is quite profitable for all users: cyber sport's fans, teams, players, and sponsors.

DreamTeam implements blockchain's smart contracts as a payment tool to maximize the security level. Therefore, teams and players are allowed to specify the terms and conditions of cooperation before signing smart contracts.

Essential technologies for it are the following:

  • Ethereum ERC-20 Token as a means to implement smart contracts as tools of the payment system
  • API Server for client and blockchain connection


Ethereum blockchain has made a breakthrough in the gaming area. The financial settlement is more efficient, convenient, and secure with this technology. It leaps forward with giant strides by developing in-game trading, which makes this technology genuinely outstanding. It’s a brilliant opportunity to improve your business since this technology is beneficial for every user. Its pros may attract lots of new clients and evolve gaming startups as well as in a wide range of other business ideas.


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07/26/2021 - 18:45

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