Where to buy Yield Guild Games tokens: the next Axie Infinity?

A non-fungible token NFT is a type of cryptocurrency which represents something unique.

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies today. The price of YGG tokens has risen by 50% to around $2.10 in less than 24 hours, and as a result, a large number of investors and traders are clamouring to find out more about the project and its potential as an investment.

If you are thinking about investing in Yield Guild Games tokens, this article can help inform your investment. Read on to find out what the project is, what our price forecast is for YGG coin, and whether or not you should buy any today.

For those of you who want to buy YGG coins quickly and easily, check out the section below. There, you can find links to the two best places to buy Yield Guild Games coin right now.

How & where to buy Yield Guild Games tokens online

To invest in Yield Guild Games, click on one of the links below, sign up, deposit funds into your account, then purchase the number of YGG tokens you want to own.

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What is Yield Guild Games?

It is a cryptocurrency project, and YGG is its native token.

More specifically, Yield Guild Games is what is known as a decentralised autonomous organization, or DAO for short. It allows users to quickly and easily purchase, sell and trade the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are used in virtual worlds and blockchain-based games.

The blockchain-based gaming macro story has been increasingly energised in recent months by new exciting projects like Axie InfinityMy DeFi PetBinamon, and Wall Street Games, which have risen to prominence and achieved mainstream popularity within the crypto community. Now, having launched a matter of days ago, Yield Guild Games appears to be using this momentum to propel itself to new price highs with each passing day. Could Yield Guild Games be the new Axie Infinity?

The long-term aim of Yield Guild Games is to build the biggest virtual world economy in the cryptocurrency sphere; so, the developers are definitely ambitious…

If the developers are to be believed, Yield Guild Games will utilise its accelerated growth and value creation to optimise its community-owned assets for ‘maximum utility,’ sharing its profits with YGG token holders.

Should I but Yield Guild Games tokens today?

It is difficult to flat-out recommend investing in such a new altcoin project because it is likely to be even more volatile than other more established digital assets that remain unpredictable.

However, if you want to involve yourself in the platform, or if you have conducted due diligence and want to speculate on its long-term credentials, buying YGG coins could be a good way to seek exposure to their future value.

Gaming for profit could have a future in your investment portfolio…

Yield Guild Games price prediction 2021

Our YGG crypto price prediction is as follows: $3.40 this year, up to $3.65 in 2022, and as much as $7.30 within 5 years.

However, don’t expect this journey of growth to be plain sailing; there will be stormy seas along the way.

Social media coverage of $YGG

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