Antonio Senatore Joins VeChain Foundation as new Steering Committee member

Antonio Senatore, CTO of Deloitte Global blockchain, was appointed as interim member of the Board of Steering Committee of the VeChain (VET/USD) Foundation. As CTO and head of the Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab, he is responsible for Deloitte Blockchain’s tech roadmap, infrastructure definition, technology research, lab technical architecture, and the lab technical operating model. The Deloitte team has helped bring a series of successful SaaS products and has been instrumental in DNV’s development on VeChainThor.

Mr. Senatore commented:

“I am honored to become the interim Steering Committee member of the VeChain Foundation. This committee has vast professional talents. As we are entering the next round of election, I look forward to working with all these members, and am personally dedicated in bridging more resources with the VeChain Foundation to achieve both ecosystem and business success in the long run.”

Antonio possesses in-depth knowledge of both business and blockchain combined with professional experience in numerous industries. He oversees the global Deloitte vision in the blockchain space, assessing protocols and vendors and setting up partnerships and capabilities. He is head of a big team of blockchain tech practitioners in Dublin. He has worked for Deutsche Bank, Accenture Spa Italy, and Newbay Software Ltd Ireland.

Expert knowledge of VeChain ecosystem

VeChain and Deloitte entered into an official collaboration in 2019. Mr. Senatore has been one of the core members of VeChain’s advisory board since then. When he was an advisor, he played an important role in long-term tech infrastructure development, VET value growth, and business expansion. The proposal to appoint him as the new interim member of the Steering Committee was submitted and approved by the current board recently, in accordance with the latest Governance Charter.

Senatore to serve stakeholders in VeChainThor actively

Senatore will be more than an advisor as an official member of the Steering Committee. He will assume the obligation to actively serve all stakeholders in the VeChainThor ecosystem, fulfilling his responsibilities in decision making and governance and making sure all essential matters within the ecosystem are fair and effective.

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09/17/2021 - 14:24

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