CryptoDragons Could Change How We Think about Digital Art

A new NFT dragon Metaverse - CryptoDragons is presented to change both understanding of NTF as a whole, as well as the perception of original digital art.

CryptoDragons is an Ethereum blockchain-based NFT dragon Metaverse, where one-of-a-kind NFT dragonlings breed, fight, and earn for their owners. This expanding dragon Metaverse is going to emerge from a limited 10K collection of NFT Eggs, where the firstborn dragons are hidden. The NFT enthusiasts are given a unique chance to trigger the CryptoDragons’ “big bang” by minting and hatching their unique NFT Eggs. Out of those limited Eggs, the firstborn Common, Epic, and the LEGENDARY dragons will be born to become a cornerstone of the whole CryptoDragons Metaverse. They will breed and multiply to fill the whole CryptoDragons Metaverse with incredible NFT creatures. As a result of breeding, there will be a fourth, Rare type of dragon. 

Still, the dragons are classified for a reason: on the CryptoDragons Metaverse, the first and yet only blockchain DNA concept is implemented. Overall, there are 25 genes with 16 variations in each gene and 12,000 attributes out of which all dragons will be created. Moreover, each variation has 30 color shades: as a result of breeding a newborn dragon will inherit genes, attributes, and color shades overlayed and combined out of this arsenal. Truly, CryptoDragons could change how we think about digital art.

On the newly created dragon Metaverse, you can also observe the first blockchain dragon fights - a new type of gladiator wrestling, where the participants lose or take it all. Depending on the bet conditions the Arena’s winners will take either the opponent’s NFT dragon or an ETH. On the fully blockchain-run Arena, participants can enjoy the dragon battles and the blockchain-guaranteed security, as there is no place for fraud and dishonest practices. 


All newly bred dragons can become a subject of trading as unique NFT assets either on the platform or secondary marketplaces. Depending on dragons’ uniqueness and genome their prices can vary drastically. However, it’s obvious that many of these one-of-a-kind NFT assets might cost a fortune. 

Yet, this is not all. CryptoDragons is the only NFT project where certain NFT owners will be rewarded. Particularly, all Legendary dragon owners will receive the 50% of commissions, whenever the breeding procedure happens. It turns out that Legendary dragon owners will earn regularly just by keeping their valuable NFTs.

Things you must know about CryptoDragons

  • CryptoDragons Metaverse will launch out of 10K NFT Eggs.
  • Common, Epic and Legendary dragons will hatch from the Eggs, while the Rare one will appear as a result of breeding.
  • After minting and hatching dragons will breed, fight and earn.
  • The first blockchain DNA and battling Arena is implemented on CryptoDragons.
  • The Legendary dragon owners will receive 50% of all breeding commissions. 

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10/22/2021 - 16:30

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