Decrypt revamps asset pages with the addition of IntoTheBlock Analytics

The assets pages includes some of IntoTheBlock’s most popular indicators

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In their effort to highlight their readers what really matter, Decrypt has now revamped their asset pages with the addition of IntoTheBlock’s indicators.

When visiting any asset page covered in the IntoTheBlock platform, users will now have access to onchain metrics provided by IntoTheBlock, including:

· Holders Making Money at Current Price: measures the proportion of current holders who would realize a profit vs. those who would realize a loss if they sold at current price.

· Concentration by Large Holders: shows the proportion of the asset’s circulating supply concentrated in addresses that each holds more than 0.1% of the total supply.

· Price Correlation with Bitcoin: displays the 30-day correlation of the asset’s daily returns to bitcoin’s daily returns.

· Holders’ Composition by Time Held: classifies addresses according to their weighted average holding period.

· Transactions Greater than $100k: shows the daily number of on-chain transactions, each with a value of $100,000 or greater.

· Transaction Demographics: shows the number of transactions that have occurred during Western trading times vs. those that have occurred during Eastern trading times over the last 14 days.

· Volatility: Annualized price volatility using 365 days.

· Total Exchanges inflows: Total amount (in $ or tokens) entering exchange(s) deposit wallets.

· Total Exchanges Outflows: Total amount (in $ or tokens) leaving exchange(s) withdrawal wallets.

Users that want to dive deeper into a crypto asset’s behavior can click on any of the “Powered by IntoTheBlock” buttons in the page and will be redirect to the IntoTheBlock Platform, where they will have access to a portfolio of over 120 intelligent signals about traditional crypto assets, specific markets such as DeFi, and event price prediction models.

At IntoTheBlock, we couldn’t be more excited about this partnership that enables us to expand our reach to Decrypt’s vast audience. We look forward to hearing about your experience with Decrypt and IntoTheBlock.

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Publication date: 
11/29/2021 - 13:58

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