Controversial Globitex Crypto Exchange ICO Sees Ex-Director Start Fintelum Crypto Toolkit

Following an initial coin offering and a controversial dismissal early this year, the former Managing Director of Globitex, Liza Aizupiete, as well as her team, are back in the fray. This time, the team in unveiling Fintelum, a venture that takes care of firms as well as startups looking forward to raising funds through token offering processes.

Fintelum will also provide services such as live ID authentication, KYC profiling, AML checks as well as the co-management of virtual asset funds. According to the firm, huge strides have already been made in executing the product. Key among them involves acquiring licenses from the Financial Intelligence Unit from Estonia.

Crypto wallet services

The regulatory body has licensed the firm to offer crypto wallet service as well as offering services of exchange of cryptos against fiat currencies. Another product which will be marketed by Fintelum is a free web mobile and desktop open source wallet which can be used by different virtual assets.

In this regard, this will permit virtually anybody to be their own fiscal institution. This is because they will be in a position of using the confidential management system. According to Liza, the next one year will be a game changer for the firm as well as the industry at large, following the unveiling of innovative products.

Vulture capital

In July, following an interview with Coin Rivet, Liza asserted that if she were to start all over again after her ouster from Globitex, she asserted that she would make sure that venture capital does not become vulture capital.

With regard to her decision to pen down an open letter concerning why she was ousted from her previous position, Liza asserted that she had to go because of the greatest deception she underwent. Many of her friends, work mates, and a majority of the more than four thousand contributors to the firm came up to her asking what it is that occurred to Globitex.

They all wanted to know why she had to give up and leave behind an entity that she had created.

After several months that were full of torments, Liza had to face the reality and call it quits. According to her, she had to share her story with everyone who asked as well as those who were bound to ask in the future.

Without mentioning anyone, as a team, they decided that the happenings were a good lesson from which they could learn a lot from.

Additionally, Liza asserts that the open letter that she wrote was aimed at giving both startups and venture capitalists inklings to be careful and never relinquish the control of the firms they founded. This is because sometimes, trusting people does not work.

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09/28/2018 - 02:49

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