Hyperledger Global Forum: Should Crypto Investors Attend This Blockchain Event?

Two months from now, the city of Basel in Switzerland will host the first-ever Hyperledger Global Forum. The convention will feature a wide variety of speakers, both business and technical. Hence, there will be an abundance of educative and interactive content for individuals who intend to further their understanding of enterprise blockchain. Nevertheless, there are many more reasons to attend the event, scheduled to begin on December 12, 2018.

5 Reasons To Attend The Hyperledger Global Forum

Below are the top five reasons why investors must attend the Hyperledger Global Forum.


Lately, the Hyperledger community has been growing at an incredible rate. The development is attributed to the increasing deployment of blockchain applications based on the Hyperledger framework. At the forum, investors will have the chance to see live demonstrations of how various companies have integrated the Hyperledger framework in their blockchain solutions.


As mentioned earlier, this meeting will have an array of speakers who will cover several topics related to enterprise blockchain. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for novices to gain a deeper knowledge of this aspect of blockchain technology.


Among the core principles enshrined in the culture of the Hyperledger global community is teamwork. Fundamentally, the community believes that blockchain technology can only be advanced if all parties work in collaboration. The upcoming forum is the first worldwide meeting of individuals that support this community-based approach. Thus, it is the ideal place to make connections and share resources. By attending, investors get a chance to be a part of the global team.


Besides speeches, the forum will also have an assortment of tutorials and workshops that equip attendees with skills on how to develop, install and contribute to products and services based on the Hyperledger blockchain framework.


After the day's activities, attendees can tour the numerous attractions in the host city, Basel. The city is home to most of the Swiss museums as well as several art galleries. Moreover, the forum will coincide with an automobile show where vintage cars will be on display. All attendees will be issued with a guest card that enables them to use public transport free of charge and a 50% discount on admission to all local museums.

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09/28/2018 - 08:56

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