— Guardians of the Masternode Galaxy? — Guardians of the Masternode Galaxy?

The regular readers of my previous articles will already be aware of and that I am a big fan of their listing site but I felt my previous mentions didn’t really do the site, or project, justice.

So in the interests of giving these guys the due care and attention they, and their service, deserve I felt it appropriate to dedicate a full article to the site and the team behind this excellent project and their plans for the future.

OK got it! So what is is a masternode listing site but unlike any other out there. Plain vanilla listing sites (such as will list most masternodes you can invest in on the markets. They will provide key information such as price, price action, collateral required, charts showing growth over time and key links to a projects sites.

Where differs is they also undertake a level of due diligence on projects who ask to be listed on their platform and display this in an accessible and easy to understand way to allow people to quickly assess the project in question and help inform their investing decisions.

Sounds good! What exactly do they check for?

Well as they say… great minds think alike! And the criteria check is pretty similar to the criteria I outline in my article — I want to run a Masternode. How do I pick a good one?

Specifically, the criteria they assess projects against, which are also detailed here on their twitter feed, are:

In the interests of lifting the lid further on this project and the great minds behind it I took some time out to speak directly to the one of the guys from — Glenn. Below I have reproduced our interview which I conducted in the last week.

What is your name and long have you been involved in the Cryptocurrency space?

My name is Glenn and I have been in Crypto heavily for a few years.

How did you get into Cryptocurrencies, Masternodes and why?

I looked into Crypto in 2012 was fascinated by the concept, but also skeptical (that BTC was a deep-state initiative to move toward a world monetary system… or something like that). A few years later, I got a better understanding and started a bit of ETH mining. When I heard about Masternodes, loved the concept and the greener input required.

Tell us a bit more about, why did you launch the service and why it’s different from the other listing sites out there? was built on the back of a passionate community established with CliffOnCrypto and We felt we could work closely with that community to provide a platform which echoed, the message we were preaching… you could say we saw our role as guardians to an important space. Who we chose to list, would be the gateway for many investors. We also wanted to improve the interface and make small changes, like not leading with ROI and including icons to guide users to other critical aspects which would enforce that vision.

What is your role in the project and what is your background?

I am a partner with Cliff in the project. I am working with the team on the client relations and marketing, Cliff is heading up the development and implementing our aggressive dev plans. I studied and worked in Marketing for several years and started my own agency with Cliff, which we built up over 8 years. We had several other software projects and invested in several companies along the way. One of these companies grew substantially and staffed close to 400 staff, of which I took on the CEO role for a few years… Unfortunately, this company was subjected to effects, from a change in centralized governmental policy. As a direct result, it could no longer provide the service. This furthered my personal passion for a decentralized system and transparency which blockchain offered and prompted me to dive — headfirst into this crazy and exciting world of crypto.

Where do you think the Masternode market will be in 6 months, 12 months and in 24 months time?

The market is its own beast and I would not attempt to tame that wild creature! However, I would be quite happy for a clear reversal pattern and then some steady growth. I think that it is a good thing for sustainability that the market has been so tough and the bear will definitely weed out those looking for a quick buck, which I think is great. It has also provided some time for infrastructure to be developed for sustainable growth. So either way, I am positive.

What does the future hold for and what are your future plans to develop the service further?

We have big plans for the platform. We have several cool features such as our monitoring platform for IOS, or our API… but I am most excited about expanding the platform to have greater community input and allow greater transparency for investors to evaluate a masternode, through public feedback. We believe we have an educated community and the framework to achieve that.

I’d like to thank Glenn for taking the time to be interviewed for this article and I’ll be watching with interest to see these new features on the site.

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