LindaX ICO (LX Token): Blockchain Token Creation Platform For Crypto Businesses?

What Is LindaX?

LindaX is a new token development platform designed for business enterprises. The pre-ICO stage ends in about 13 days from this writing. LindaX was formed to facilitate vetted enterprises, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations in order to participate as active contributors on a more cost-effective network.

LindaX is basically a spin-off of the Go and CPP Ethereum client, which implies that it is much like its predecessor, Ethereum. However, LindaX comes with a variant of protocols. By following consortium models, the team is able to outline specific on-chain ethics and behavior.

A good reference to an existing token platform is Ethereum’s ERC20, which has worked for many blockchain-based projects. Some of those tokens have become some of the top digital assets. One of the major differences with LindaX is its developer support system. Linda seeks to help with development, marketing, and the launch of their token on LindaX.

LindaX Blockchain Token Creation Platform Use Cases

Users Can Create A Token Designed For Their Businesses

LindaX is like having a diversified network at your fingertips. This is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs where they can create a unique token with specific features for designated transactions. Through consultations with the team, direction, and creative collaboration, LindaX will enable partners to navigate the unfamiliar environment of cryptocurrency.

Users Can Tokenize Their Business Loyalty Program

With the LindaX platform, it’s possible to boost sales by including attractive rewards; customers appreciate loyalty programs provided such as incentives for making a purchase. This eventually leads to increased rewards with more purchases based on the size or scope of the item purchased.

Increase Revenue With Lower Merchant Transaction Fees

As a business owner, you can utilize the LindaX platform to reduce the cost of running your business significantly, while increasing business performance with lower transaction fees, faster transaction times, as well as greater transaction volume. Besides, the platform is sustainable, which means it keeps your business growing.

Getting Started With LindaX

  • Application: apply to have your idea become part of the LindaX decentralized blockchain community.
  • Acceptance: the Linda team will review your application and accept it if it meets its high-quality requirements.
  • Development: develop your DApp side-by-side with the experts and utilize all the possibilities of the LindaX network.
  • Launching: start by testing on the platform’s testnet to refine your DApp for maximum efficiency before launching on the LindaX main-net.
  • Marketing: begin the excitement of marketing plan while utilizing business connections that Linda has to offer to maximize your success.
  • Mass adoption: you can integrate your application into the real world to begin utilizing the benefits of the Linda network.
  • Support: the Linda team is committed to providing the best support to ensure you have the best chance for success.

LindaX LX Token ICO Details

LindaX crowdsale will have three subsections privy to the expected set price upon exchange listing. The platform seeks to produce programs to maximize user involvement within the platform itself prior to the launch date. This is important to chain integrity for LindaX. Together with that, the platform is planning an incentivized referral structure for current Linda holders and new users.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: LX
  • Token Sale Date: Present – TBA
  • Total Supply: 150,000,000
  • Token Standard: ERC20
Publication date: 
11/27/2018 - 10:44

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