Mike Novogratz Donates Crypto Profits To Princeton University’s Bridge Year Program

Novogratz Donates Crypto Products To Princeton University

The blockchain industry has found its way into academia in recent years with courses being offered in New York University and Tokyo University.

Now, it seems that the profits made from cryptocurrency are being used to benefit academia as well.

It has been announced that Mike Novogratz, along with his wife Sukey Cáceres, will be donating towards Princeton’s ‘Bridge Year Program’ which allows students to live in Bolivia, China, India, Indonesia or Senegal for nine months and engage in University-sponsored service.

The donation has been met with great appreciation from Princeton, with Princeton President Christopher L Eisgruber saying,

“I am deeply grateful to Mike and Sukey Novogratz for their generous support of the program… Their extraordinary gift will enable generations of Princetonians to embark on a path of global citizenship as Bridge Year scholars.”

The Bridge Year

The Bridge year gives students the opportunity to live and work in a new environment, something Novogratz feels will be beneficial for them.

According to him, it gives them the chance to prepare themselves to be leaders in a dynamic and connected world. There is also the chance for personal growth.

“Students return from it with a real sense of purpose, and an interest in being of service to their communities, and to the world,” he said.

Both Novogratz and his wife graduated from Princeton in 1987 and 1989 respectively. Novogratz went on to become the CEO of Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd and is famous for his predictions of Bitcoin prices.

Cryptocurrency And Institutions

Few things are a bigger indicator of the relevance of an industry on the world stage quite like being associated with large academic institutions, particularly when they are being studied.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have found its way to various schools and institutions around the world as a discipline. Some schools are even issuing degrees through Blockchain.

As a result, more and more blockchain firms and personalities are sponsoring courses at High Schools and Universities, and for good reason.

These academic institutions are the place where the next generation of leaders is being trained. By exposing them to the blockchain, the industry is guaranteed a future workforce that will keep blockchain going as well as world leaders that have respect for the industry.

In the case of Novogratz, it also casts the industry in a good light, as do public all acts of charity carried out by those in the blockchain industry.

Publication date: 
01/11/2019 - 21:43