Binance Clients Still Experiencing Difficulties After Exchange Suffers From Technical Issues

Binance Clients Still Experiencing Difficulties After Exchange Had System Issues

The number one crypto exchange in the world by trading volume, Binance, recently faced a system issue, which put the whole network offline for some minutes. After the event, the CEO of the company assured the users that their funds were safe. However, Changpeng Zhao’s announcement that everything was back to normal was not very accurate, according to the community.

Many people continued to face issues while accessing the system. Fortunately, no one can affirm that Binance is not clear on the issues that happen on the exchange. The approach of the company was fully transparent and CZ himself went to Twitter in order to calm down the users.

He affirmed that the system was offline for about half an hour because of “middleware issue” but that funds were safe and that the users should see the situation becoming fully normalized soon. However, some people complained to him that the company was not clear on what were these “middleware issues”.

Have The Issues Been Solved?

Some traders were still not able to log in their accounts at the time of this report, so the answer is: no, the system is not fully operational yet. However, it may be before the end of the day as it appears that the issue was a very small one.

Users can feel safe, though, as Binance was never hacked until today and their funds are very likely to be safe, as the company has high security standards.

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02/11/2019 - 19:28