Top 10 Android App Development Companies in India & US

Are you looking for Top Android Development Companies? Want to create an android app for your business? Absolutely! As the craze of developing Android has increased in the past five years, more and more entrepreneurs are heading towards developing an android app for their business.

The image given below shows the market share of android from a time span of January 2012 to October 2017. Since the market share of Android is expanding with time, budding entrepreneurs are more likely to go with the trend.

Firstly, I should introduce myself here. With over 12+ years of experience, I am a software & technology consultant providing tips to budding enterprises on how to make their business grow with saving money and time.

In this blog, I have listed Top 15 Android Development Companies. This listing is based on several parameters that are mentioned below:

Google search analysis

Ratings from Clutch and Goodfirms

Contacting the company clients to verify customer satisfaction level

Present portfolio and work history of the company

The balance between value for money and quality of the Android development solutions offered

Development costs Vs the quality of mobile app solutions offered

So, here is the list:

  1. PixelCrayons: Has been the most trusted company for Android development. Offers a valid cost-quality balance.
  2. Code Brew Labs: Offers continuous delivery of Android development services. Hence, still growing in the market.
  3. Peerbits: Came slightly down from its last position.
  4. STX Next: A popular android development company. Maintained its position.
  5. Appinventive: A leading android development company that provides robust android development service.
  6. Cumulations: A trusted android development company. Maintains its position.
  7. SynapseIndia: An Android development company
  8. Net Solutions: An esteemed company offering quality Android development services.
  9. Space-O Technologies: A trusted company that offers bespoke Android app development services. Maintains its place.
  10. IntellectSoft: A popular company offering Android development services. Maintains its place.
  11. Fuzz: A trusted company that provides mobile apps for Android. Maintains its position.
  12. WillowTree. A popular company providing quality Android development services.
  13. Fueled. A leading android development company providing quality services.
  14. Dom & Tom. A popular Android development company. Maintains its position.
  15. Arctouch. An esteemed company offering good mobile app development services for Android.

Let’s take a deep insight into all these Android development companies:

1. Pixelcrayons. An award-winning Android development company from India

PixelCrayons is an Android development company based in Delhi, India. It offers quality mobile and web development services in native Android platforms.

This company has experienced and well-trained Android app developers having around 5 years of experience in their domain. It is a 14 years old company that has served more than 4800 clients across the world.

Moreover, the company has a client retention rate of 97%. The best thing about this company is that it gives 100% money back if, in case, a client is not satisfied.

Case studies:

2. Code Brew Labs: An Android development company providing application from 2013

Code Brew Labs started its journey in the IT world with only 4 young and talented entrepreneurs. And, now its members have increased to 200. It is focused on delivering a high Return on Investment (ROI). Moreover, it has developed 300+ apps for its clients across the world.

Other than creating apps Android platforms, Code Brew labs offer assistance to its clients in the integration of CRM systems and payment applications into the mobile app environment.

Case studies:

3. Peerbits: Mobile application development company based in India

It is an Android development company based in India. The company provides mobile app development on Android platforms. Peerbits make sure that its clients are satisfied by providing full cycle support on Android development.

The company has more than 100 employees in the Android development department. Moreover, it has completed more than 300 projects. Well trained developers make sure that Android apps are properly tested for bugs and errors before deploying them to the market.

Case studies:

4. STX Next: A European hybrid mobile app development company

STX Next is a mobile app development company with expertise in services such as Android development. It uses a unique approach towards helping its clients. Instead of only delivering the needs of clients, STX also gathers knowledge about whether the client can handle a specific Android development. With more than 200 plus team members, the company offers services in Native Android development.

Case studies:

5. Appinventive: An enterprise mobile app development company based in India

Appinventive is an Android development agency based in India. This company provides mobile app consultancy services and its team has created more than 700 apps. Appinventive offers full-cycle development services for Android development from the stage of ideation to application maintenance.

Other than creating apps for mobile devices, Appinventive also creates wear apps.

Case studies:

6. Cumulations: A Mobile Application Development Company located in US and India

Cumulations is an Android development company creating several apps for especially Healthcare and Multimedia sectors. It has provided around 100 projects to its clients from the different corners of the globe.

Cumulations has acquired expertise in the field of Android development with the help of well experienced Android developers. Other than creating mobile apps for the Android platform, the company is also involved in providing backend infrastructure for these apps.

Case studies:

7. SynapseIndia: An Android development company in India

It is an Android development company. It has 500+ satisfied clients in the last 4 years. Also, 100+ developers of the company have delivered 650 projects to clients from more than 50 countries of the world.

The company deals in native app development in iOS and Android. Moreover, it creates hybrid apps using Xamarin.

Case studies:

8. Net Solutions: A well-experienced Android development company

Net Solutions has been delivering specific requirements of the clients for more than 18 years. The company provides native mobile app development services in Android.

Net Solutions has 225+ developers operating in offices allocated to different countries.

Case studies:

9. Space-O Technologies: An Android development company catering different business verticals

Space-O Technologies is an enterprise mobile app development company in business for more than 8 years. The company has created 3500+ apps on iOS as well as Android platforms. Catering to over 12 different types of industries, more than 200 associates working in the company utilizes the latest technology stacks for mobile application development.

10. IntellectSoft: Best Android development company for large scale projects

IntellectSoft is one of the top 10 Android development companies. It provides android development support for large enterprises and fortune 500 companies. However, this company is not a budget-friendly company.

It has more than 11 years of expertise in its services and seems an ideal development partner for large scale projects. This company uses pre-made modules for its android development services. Also, it implements technologies such as AR and Chatbots.

Case studies:

11. IT Chimes.

IT Chimes is an Android development company. It is serving clients across the world from the previous 9 years. Moreover, it has worked on 1200+ applications on Android. It is expanding with time and has earned the trust of around 200 global clients.

Other than Android development, It has expertise in QA Testing, Mobility, Cloud Computing, and IoT. Furthermore, it has completed more than 150 projects for its clients.

Case Studies:

12. WillowTree. It is an android company located in the USA. It is providing android development services from the previous 8 years to various clients across the globe. Furthermore, it has 300+ employees and has launched more than 500 apps.

Founded in 2008, it also provides product designing and custom app development.

Case Studies:

13. Fueled.

It is an Android development company in the US. It provides android development services to clients of all the sizes. It has the expertise of more than 11 years. Other than Android development, it is also involved in Blockchain, web development, and web design. It has around 250 employees.

Case Studies:

14. Dom & Tom.

It is one of the Top android companies in the US. It has served more than 240 clients across the world including fortune 500 companies. It is serving its clients from the previous 9 years.

In these 9 years, it has created more than 500 products for its clients. It has more 150+ employees.

Case Studies:

15. Arctouch.

It is a popular Android development company from the USA. Founded in 2007, this company has served various world-class clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to influential startups.

Other than offering robust android development companies, we help companies with blockchain technology, smart products for the Internet of Things and Augmented reality solutions. Arctouch has 190+ employees.

Case Studies:

Whichever company you use from the list, I can assure you that you are going to get high-quality services and solutions since all these companies are well experienced in their domain. Moreover, these companies have achieved and maintained a good reputation in the market.

However, I have put these companies in order of decreasing quality-cost balance.

I wish that this list of top 10 mobile application development companies from USA and India provides you a piece of valuable information that helps you to select the best mobile application development company for your business. If you think, there are other companies that should be added to this list. Please inform me in the comment box. I will look at them and match them according to my research parameters in order to take a proper decision.

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