How AI Changes Media Landscape and News Delivery

How AI Changes the Media Landscape and News Delivery

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Despite fear-mongering around the artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and how they’ll affect our daily life and future employment, the real-life AI use cases prove otherwise: AI brings us more benefits than dangers. From saving time and money with automation to making faster and better business decisions thanks to cognitive technologies to making data-based predictions to providing highly personalized user experiences–AI proves to be able to improve any company’s top line growth and increase bottom line savings. And, what’s even more important, AI empowers digital transformation that many businesses are seeking to achieve today to gain an innovation advantage in the future.

Let’s see how exactly AI changes modern media and news delivery landscapes and what it can do better than humans.

AI can write quality news articles

The Guardian Australia uses AI to write news articles. The principle of the algorithm is similar to that used in OpenAI: it is capable of processing large amounts of data, as well as finding and creating text patterns.

In February 2019, The Guardian published its very first AI-written article titled “Political donations plunge to $16.7m — down from average $25m a year”. AI ​​analyzed data on the volume of donations attracted by all political parties in Australia (provided by the national election commission). Then it briefly described its analysis findings, compiled a rating of parties based on the donations raised, added links to the original sources and even scheduled the article publication.


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03/15/2019 - 11:53