20 Best Web Design and Development Blogs To Follow

Website Design & Development (Photo Credit: Unsplash)1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine blog explains different topics related to web design and development. They include Typography, HTML and CSS, web design and many more. You need to buy a Smashing membership card for you to have access to a collection of eBooks. This blog is very informative that web professionals cannot ignore. This site is very useful to people who want to have mastery in the front-end web development.

2. Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot blog provides the following services:

  • Freelancing activities
  • Accessibility
  • User experience
  • Design

This blog has the best writers who give quality services to clients. Most of the writers are real designers thus you have an assurance of quality services.

3. SitePoint

SitePoint blog provides learning for people aspiring to be developers, product creators, designers, and programmers. It has the following topics:

  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Advanced CSS
  • Angular

If you want to improve your coding skills, then you need to register for a course. This blog also offers advertisement services.

4. Tutorialzine

Tutorialzine blog provides tutorials and article that are of high quality to readers. It provides articles completely free. The following are topics under this blog:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML

They also provide important freebies and resources. To read all the articles from this blog, you need to do a weekly subscription to DevAwesome. This newsletter has libraries and programming news.

5. Webpagefx

Webpagefx blog is for SEO, web designers and web developers. There are many tutorials related to web design and development available in this blog that targets web professionals. The writes are professional website designer and developers. They publish new contents between two to five days. The content is very educative especially to new web designers and developers who want to improve their skills. The blog usually publishes highly readable content.

6. Speckyboy

Speckyboy blog is about UX design, JavaScript, CSS, and other useful technologies. The blog also covers any important relationships that exist between users and designers. It offers insightful information on what is changing in web technologies. Front- end developers can get crucial information especially the latest news from the industry.

7. David Walsh

David Walsh personal blog always publishes articles on different back-end technologies and front-end technologies specifically for the web.

8. Onextrapixel

Onextrapixel blog always focuses on designing and developing of webs. The content of this blog is the complementary meaning that by the end of the day, they have one goal, which is the creation of the best website. This blog provides tutorials, articles and many other useful resources. The main topics discussed on this blog include social media, CSS, design, toolkits, graphics, and WordPress. You will find useful tips on HTML5 and other articles on this blog.

9. Mockplus Blog

Mockplus blog focuses on prototyping tools. This blog has plenty and wealth resources and web other web design templates which help in web development. Though the focus of this blog is on prototyping, its content inspires many web developers. Reading the blog can be a foundation for web developers especially by beginning with the prototype design.

10. Github

Github platform is for code hosting. You invite the public to participate by sharing your code with them. You get submission of codes from different developers and then share the results of their work. The good thing about this blog is that you learn ideas from other developers. Additionally, you learn the codes of other developers hence making a progress together.

11. Noupe

Noupe blog focuses on independent web development. It also focuses on language development and the classification of tutorials. It has up-to-date tools and tutorials that web designers and developers use. It covers different aspects of design, which include JavaScript web design and graphics, CSS and advertising.

12. Design Shack

Design Shack is a magazine for web developers and designers. This site makes publications on typography, business, web design, and graphic design. It also publishes articles on how to work in the industry. It has available resources to help you in the creation of best website design works.

13. CSS Author

CSS Author website is full of freebies such as wallpapers, templates, and icons. This blog offers free PSD design resources, inspiration about design on a daily basis, tutorials, articles, and new website design trends. You can learn new skills and techniques from different shared posts about web design and development.

14. Designmodo

Designmodo website focuses on articles on different topics such as tutorials, coding, inspiration, design, and WordPress. This blog is also involved in the creation of websites developers’ emails. Designmodo jobs and Designmodo market services are also offered.

15. Web Design Ledger

Web professionals write this publication, mainly for web designers and developers. The web design is for businesses, wearables, mobiles and for portfolios. It also provides the following topics:

  • UI
  • Web dev such as JavaScript and PHP
  • Graphics

16. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq gives advice and inspiration to web and graphic designers, traditional and VFX artists and 3D. The audience can get the best creative work from Creative Bloq. You can also get insightful information from this site especially on the current trends relating to web designs. The following are the main topics of this website:

  • Javascript
  • UX
  • CSS
  • 3D modeling
  • RWD

17. The Next Web

The focus of this site is to bring insights into the world of technology. It was purposely created to promote the conference. The following are the pillars of this site

  • TNW conference
  • TO and index
  • Intelligence platform
  • TNW news

18. Hongkiat

The focus of this blog is on design and inspiration content. It also focuses on technology. They also give tutorials, tool recommendations, and techniques. It has useful information to web developers and designers, bloggers and graphic designers.

19. Tuts+ web design

It has learning guides and tutorials, which you can use to learn how to design a web. It covers the following:

  • Motion design UX
  • Business
  • Front-end development
  • Accessibility

20. Tuts+ Code

Tuts+ code is a learning hub with courses, tutorials, and eBooks to help you learn web design. It covers the following topics:

  • Business
  • Web design
  • Video and photo
  • Coding

As a designer and developer, you should have a mindset of learning. It is through learning that you become an expert. The 20-web design and development blogs discussed above will help you to improve your skills.

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