Bitcoin Suisse, Worldline will Fulfil the Swiss Crypto Dream

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A new partnership between Bitcoin Suisse and Worldline might result in rampant crypto adoption in Switzerland.

Switzerland has always been known for its extremely well-developed financial industry and the acceptance of various emerging technologies. However, while it’s Crypto Valley is also well-known, there is still a lot of room for growth when it comes to actual crypto adoption.

The country is still not using cryptocurrencies for making everyday purchases, which is something that might change in the near future.

Crypto payments are coming to Switzerland

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According to recent reports, two companies — Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse — have teamed up with this exact purpose — bringing crypto payments to Switzerland. The two plan to facilitate crypto acceptance for payments in various web-shops, as well as at Point of Sale counters.

According to what is known about the partnership, the collaboration will use Worldline’s existing payment infrastructure of SIX Payment Services. The infrastructure is already spread throughout the nation, and it has been there since last year. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Suisse will contribute with its rich experience and expertise on all things crypto.

Together, the two hope to bring crypto payments to as many industries and businesses in Switzerland as possible.

Switzerland is already known for being a blockchain haven

As mentioned, Switzerland has become a major center in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It currently has more than 800 companies that are connected to digital currencies or blockchain technology, that are developing various solutions and offering crypto services.

They are what make up the country’s famous Crypto Valley, which is one of the biggest crypto/blockchain havens in the world. Not only that, but the Swiss city of Zug also became a pioneer when it comes to accepting Bitcoin for various public services.

In time, Switzerland will start accepting cryptocurrencies on a much larger scale, thus paving the way towards total virtual currency adoption in the country.

What do you think about the plan to bring digital asset payments to Switzerland? Do you expect the country to fully adopt Bitcoin in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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