New NBMiner 29.0 With Support for The New KAWPOW PoW Algorithm

The latest NBMiner 29.0 update comes with added support for the KAWPOW algorithm that is going to soon be used by RavenCoin (RVN)… most likely. The KAWPAW algorithm is based on ProgPoW with some parameters specific for Ravencoin, so a regular ProgPow miner won’t do. So now, besides the official kawpowminer and the recently released Gminer with KAWPOW support you also have a third alternative in the form of the latest NBMiner and others will most likely follow as well. It seems however that all of the miners could be based on the same reference ProgPow codebase and there is currently not much of a performance difference apparently, so it is more like which one you are more used to. Below you can see an official list of the expected performance on popular mining GPUs at default stock settings for the KAWPOW algorithm when using NBMiner:

NBMiner 29.0 KAWPOW Expected Performance:
– Nvidia P106-100: 10.3 MH/S
– Nvidia P104-8G: 17.5 MH/S
– Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti: 13.3 MH/s
– Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti: 22.5 MH/s
– Nvidia GTX 2080: 25.8 MH/s
– AMD Radeon RX 580: 10.3 MH/s

We remind you that the NBMiner is a closed source GPU miner for Nvidia CUDA and now AMD as well that is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems and it has the following developer fee built-in: tensority_ethash 3%, tensority(Pascal) 2%, tensority(Turing) 3%, ethash 0.65%, cuckaroo & cuckatoo & cuckaroo_swap 2%, progpow_sero 2%, sipc 2%, bfc 3%, hns 2%, hns_ethash 3%, trb 2%, trb_ethash 3%, kawpow 2%.

To download and try the latest NBMiner 29.0 Nvidia and AMD GPU Miner for Windows/Linux…

Publication date: 
04/03/2020 - 11:42

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