Crypto market surges as ‘extreme greed’ becomes the new norm

Today’s edition of OKEx Insights’ Crypto Market Daily covers Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins and DeFi.

The price of Bitcoin ( BTC) has experienced a bit of volatility over the past 24 hours but has experienced little change in its overall price. The market-leading cryptocurrency is down less than 1% across global exchanges and is trading at 18,850 USDT on OKEx.

Meanwhile, altcoins have continued to surge during the same time period. Most notably, XRP is up nearly 53% — as of the time of this writing — after surging to over $0.90 on Coinbase, before dropping 30% in only a matter of seconds. Bitcoin Cash (BCH), meanwhile, is up over 22% while the rest of the altcoin market sees impressive gains.

The surge in altcoin valuations has pushed the total cryptocurrency market capitalization up to over $578 billion, according to CoinGecko. Unsurprisingly, BTC dominance continues to fall sharply — the metric sat at 65.1% on Friday but is now only 59.4%.

The Crypto Fear & Greed Index, meanwhile, remains in “Extreme Greed” territory — where it has been hanging out for a prolonged period of time.

Stocks, meanwhile, continued to rise yesterday after another COVID-19 inoculation was concluded to be effective — the third such vaccine this month. Meanwhile, the number of cases continues to rise in the United States, Europe and elsewhere.

Top altcoin gainers and losers

  • XLM/USDT +60.17%
  • DHT/USDT +59.47%
  • XRP/USDT +52.22%
  • LET/USDT -9.36%
  • MCO/USDT -10.88%
  • FRONT/USDT -21.00%

Though XRP has garnered the spotlight this morning after surging to over $0.90 on Coinbase, its primary competitor, XLM, is today’s top performer on OKEx.

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11/25/2020 - 04:10

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