October 2018

Dutch Bank, Samsung SDS and BlockLab to Test Blockchain in New Shipping Port Partnership

The shipping business might just be one of the main industries that have been affected by the blockchain technology as a high number of ports all around the world are starting blockchain initiatives that will change the landscape of the industry. Rotterdam has the largest port by freight volume in the whole of Europe, which is located in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

New Russian Crypto Draft Bill is Being Established to Digitize Shares via Blockchain Technology

On October 21st, Russia’s media outlet Vedomosti reported that the local draft bill that would cover cryptocurrency and blockchain regulation is finally being established. This bill gives both private businesses and legal entities the ability to store digitized shares on a blockchain.

Wasteful? Iceland Farmers Says Bitcoin Mining is ‘Too Good to Be True’


A relatively small cryptocurrency mining operation in Iceland has come up with a simple, yet effective solution cryptocurrency mining’s electricity issues. It uses excessive geothermal energy from farmers’ machines to power up the mining equipment in a win-win situation.