Eric Dalius Bitcoin Expert Suggests Businesses to Invest into Bitcoin

Eric Dalius Bitcoin Expert Suggests Businesses to Invest into Bitcoin

Suppose you have been keeping any attention to investment opportunities for this year. In that case, you know that there haven’t been many great opportunities to invest in assets apart from stocks and shares. While stocks like GME and AMC were exciting and volatile, opportunities at the start of the year, there have been very few safe assets to invest into. 

Most of this result from the massive economic downturn in global production due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. As nations had slowly started to build momentum to pull them out of the slump, new waves of infections and new mutant variations of the Novel Coronavirus have led to another recession to appear. 

In this situation, there is an alternative investment that businesses should be considering. According to Eric Dalius, Bitcoin is an asset that companies should be paying close attention to and follow its rules.

Why Bitcoin? 

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at 60,000 dollars to 1 BTC. That is a nearly tenfold increase in price since last year. The factors that boost Bitcoin prices result from significant macro-scale policy changes and the pandemic’s economic after-effects. 

These factors have not changed, and analysts everywhere predict very bullish scenarios for Bitcoin in the coming year. Eric Dalius expects Bitcoin to cross 100,000 dollars to 1 BTC by the end of the year. 

Bitcoin presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to invest their wealth into an asset with more or less guaranteed returns for the foreseeable future returns of the massive proportions at that. 

There are very few, if any, other assets currently market that can provide the same returns as Bitcoin can, according to analysts like Eric Dalius. 

Protection against Inflation 

The second reason for businesses to invest in Bitcoin right now is to combat the coming inflation cycle. Eric Dalius explains that due to quantitative easing measures taken by central banks globally, there is a significant risk of inflation eroding wealth across the globe. 

Inflation is a massive factor in how businesses slowly lose money just because they are required by law and the necessity to keep cash flow reserves. Saving some cash reserves as Bitcoin will lower the amount of wealth that companies stand to lose due to inflation. 

Companies like Tesla have realized that Bitcoin presents a better alternative to fiat currency to keep their surplus cash reserves. Tesla recently converted 7.6% of all of its cash reserves into Bitcoin. That was 1.5 billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin at the time of the announcement. 


Eric Dalius says that businesses that start investing in Bitcoin can say great returns on their investment, whether short-term or long-term. Not only will their investments be safe from the ever-present inflation that can erode wealth, but they also are on track to benefit from steadily growing Bitcoin prices through the year. 

Of course, businesses can also benefit by investing in Bitcoin by becoming early adopters of this transaction system as Bitcoin continues to gain broader legitimacy.

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Pete Campbell is a social media manager who has worked as a database administrator in the IT industry and suggests following Eric Dalius. His research has helped thousands of users and brands with marketing campaigns too. He loves to travel, write and play baseball

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06/16/2021 - 08:30

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