Best Cryptocurrency Educational Platforms For College Students

Best Cryptocurrency Educational Platforms For College Students

With the popularity of cryptocurrency and the ever-growing power of the crypto world, more and more students start getting interested in crypto trading. But even if it might seem easy on the surface, there is actually a lot to learn before you start earning with cryptocurrencies.

By far the best way to learn about the crypto world is to enroll in one of the many online courses available to anyone and everyone. Hence, here are the best cryptocurrency educational platforms for college students (and the best courses to check out there).


One of the most popular e-learning platforms at the moment, Coursera has a wide range of cryptocurrency courses offered by top universities like Yale, Duke, and IBM. You can start with a course like Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: An Introduction to Digital Currencies offered by Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania or Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies offered by Princeton University.


Another popular online learning platform is edX which is similarly famous for having coursed from top universities like MIT and Harvard among others. The courses to check out are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies offered by the University of California, Berkeley, and Blockchain Fundamentals, also offered by Berkeley. For the latter one, you can even get a professional certificate upon successful completion.


Unlike Coursera and edX, Udemy doesn’t only provide courses from universities, but also from experts in their respective fields. This means that you get even more courses to choose from (though you also have to be more selective with the ones you actually enroll in). Good ones to start from are The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course, Cryptocurrency Fundamentals, and Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading.

LinkedIn Learning

While LinkedIn Learning might not be as popular of a learning platform as others, it still has some pretty good courses on offer. Moreover, once you complete them, you can display this information on your LinkedIn profile. Arguably the best course to start from here is Cryptocurrency Foundations.


At its most basic level, Skillshare is a platform quite similar to Udemy and offers thousands of courses to choose from. The best ones for learning about the crypto world include Demystifying Cryptocurrency: Understanding Bitcoin and Beyond and How to Buy Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Investing for Beginners.

Cryptocurrency-Specific Learning Platforms

If none of the platforms above seem appealing to you, there’s still an option to choose a cryptocurrency-specific online learning platform. Unlike any of the options above, these offer courses only about cryptocurrency and everything related to it. Such e-learning platforms include:

  • CryptoManiaks: One of the best websites on all things crypto. It has an extensive glossary of terms from the crypto world while the “Education” tab will provide you with all the learning resources you might need.
  • DCX Learn: This educational platform is specifically designed for teaching everything about blockchain and cryptocurrency. The courses they offer cover everything from the basics to trading.
  • Learn Crypto: As the name suggests, this platform will help you learn everything about cryptocurrencies. It is particularly helpful to beginners and will help you build a foundational base of knowledge about the crypto world.

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