This Platform Will Pay You in Crypto to Scan Product Barcodes…

This Platform Will Pay You in Crypto to Scan Product Barcodes…

With the introduction of phones and apps, it has never been easier for people to earn income on the side of their regular jobs.

In most cases, the tasks you are required to complete are very small and only take a couple of minutes to complete. You can do them anywhere - at the dinner table, or on the bus (or even at your regular job, if you’re careful!).

But the money you can earn definitely adds up over time - and you might even have fun in the process.

Over the years there have been an influx of phone shopping apps. But you might be surprised to learn that now there’s even one that allows you to earn cryptocurrencies while you shop!

How Exactly Does It Work?

Phones have become an a natural part of our shopping experience. We use them to buy products online from ecommerce stores, to check retail prices, to read reviews, and even to give feedback on products we’ve bought to help other people out.

But what if you found out you could actually do all that...and get paid for it? you can. Shping is a new smart shopping app that rewards you just for using it.

It’s available on both Android and iPhone. The app is completely free to download, and you can start using it instantly.

Simply scan any product barcode to find out what is in it, where it is from, and whether or not it is authentic. You can even register a warranty, and store your receipts for proof of purchase to make sure you don’t lose them.

More importantly, you can use the app to earn rewards and make money while you shop. Scan barcodes, upload product photos, and write reviews for other users to earn Shping coins.

These Shping coins can then either be saved, be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, or even be exchanged for your local currency so you can spend it right away.

A New Way to Gamify the Shopping Experience...Using Blockchain!

One of the best ways to become successful at anything is to turn it into a game.

If you’re looking for ideas to make the process more fun, you could try turning it into a competition amongst your friends, or even going shopping together and helping each other to find the products with the most points.

You probably won’t earn enough to quit your full-time job and relocate to a beach house, but you’ll easily be able to make enough to pay for your next cup of coffee.

Such gamification platforms could even be what it takes to breathe fresh life into the retail industry. While there is definitely no “retail apocalypse”, the industry is changing rapidly. Physical stores definitely still matter - but both the way they are set up and the way we interact with them is vastly different to have it was merely several years ago.

Goldman Sachs analyst, Matthew Fassler, stated:

"The U.S. retail sector is overstored and out of step in an era of e-commerce. But retail is not dead; it is changing. How brick-and-mortar stores employ new technologies and new models may determine how they survive the relentless shift online."

Could blockchain applications like Shping end up playing a large role in shaping the future of how we shop?

Why is This Such a Revolutionary Idea?

One of the primary reasons for our excitement behind apps like these is the exact same reason we’re so hyped about blockchain enables decentralization.

The platform provides a unique way for advertisers to channel their budgets directly towards their users instead of funneling billions of dollars towards a long chain of middlemen to advertise their product using user data they have collected.

Even better, it puts users in full control of their own data. Instead of having their personal information sold off to large corporations, people will retain full control over which products they are interested in, which will allow them to provide valuable feedback to brands.

Ultimately, the application takes power away from large corporations, and puts it back where it should be: into the hands of the user.

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01/21/2018 - 11:15


I like the idea of this product, more like a search engine for products. I have been keeping an eye on it and I am looking forward to jumping on the pre-sale this week!

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