What is the AGT Token? - Distribution, Utility, and Value

What is the AGT Token? - Distribution, Utility, and Value

Bitcoin brought about a definite revolution within the payments arena. With a payments architecture that eliminated the mediators while reduced the payment costs, it quickly got mainstream. But while there was no competitor on stage, after a decade and over 1500 different cryptocurrencies, things have changed pretty much. Bitcoin is now perceived with multiple plaguing issues such as slow throughput speeds, higher settlement timings, environmental issues and what not. There are definitely more advanced and far superior crypto-technologies that have surfaced the market since the launch of Bitcoin.

But still the problem persists with current solutions as either the blockchain settlement timings are slow or users face multiple restrictions starting from the limitation of the numbers of coin that can be spent on the platform. Further, if we narrow down to a few micropayment solutions that do offer greater speeds without limitations, given their volatile nature, it becomes difficult to convince store owners, merchants and even e-Commerce websites to accept such cryptos as a mode of payment.

Introducing AGATE – A Payment Utility Token with a Complete Cryptoeconomy Solution:

Focusing on a number of core problems within the payments industry, Agate aims to disrupt the micropayments solution area with its complete set of decentralized blockchain that provides a true cryptoeconomy solution in 12 different modules. With a set of experienced hands, Agate has been able to develop a blockchain platform that offers near-instant settlement timings with acceptance of over 17 different cryptocurrencies that merchants can start accepting from. Additionally, the volatility of such cryptocurrencies is contained through an AI bot which enables optimal transfer of various cryptocurrencies and instantly converts them into Fiat currencies using Agate’s iFiat platform that allows merchants to get the best spending value of their crypto assets. Using Agate attracts transaction costs that are far cheaper than other cryptocurrencies, eliminating costly methods of payments system widespread in the network.

With Agate’s sophisticated architecture, users on the platform are allowed to manage their crypto-assets through a one-stop app that integrates a state-of-the-art AI Engine. Business models on the platform can integrate the Agate API Suite that offers as one of the most reliable platforms for merchants to accept crypto-payments while eliminating volatility from the system.

With an aim to mainstream the crypto adoption without risking volatility, the Agate ecosystem has launched its Agate coin (AGT), an ERC20 compatible cryptocurrency, which fuels its blockchain. With a total AGT supply capped at 490,000,000 AGT, Agate whitelist sign-up process started on 25th May and will be live until 20th August. Here’s how the AGT tokens will be distributed:

Agate Token Distribution:

Out of the total supply of 490,000,000 AGT tokens, a total of 65% or 318,500,000 AGT tokens are set aside to be distributed in the crowd sale. The remaining 35% portion will be used for distribution among the Team Members (10%), Advisors & Partners (5%), Bounty & Referrals Bonus (5%), and Reserved for Agate Ecosystem Development (15%).

Distribution of Agate token

While the Whitelisting sign-up is now open for investors to get themselves whitelisted, the crowdsale of Agate will consist of 6 different stages. Following are the details of the crowdsale of Agate tokens:

Crowdsale Stages:



Discount (%)

Presale Stage 1

21st Aug 2018 – 31st Aug 2018


Presale Stage 2

1st Sept 2018 – 11th Sept 2018


Presale Stage 3

12th Sept 2018 – 22nd Sept 2018


Presale Stage 4

23rd Sept 2018 – 3rd Oct 2018


Presale Stage 5

4th Oct 2018 – 14th Oct 2018


Public Sale

15th Oct 2018 – 15th Nov 2018


AGT Token Value and Economics:

Token Exchange Rate

1 AGT ~ 0.076 USD

Minimum Contribution Amount

USD 60 ~ 0.1 ETH

Maximum Contribution Amount

USD 60,000 ~ 100 ETH

Soft Cap / Hard Cap

USD 2,000,000 / USD 24,206,000

Accepted Mode of Payment


Unsold Tokens

Will be Burnt using Smart Contract

With Agate opening up universal payment arenas that includes a Payment Gateway API, Payment Gateway Apps/ Plugins, POS Terminal, iFiat Based Transactions, Debit Cards and Bank Transfers, the Agate platform proposes value from day one. While low transaction fees will attract millions of merchants on the platform, AGTs fixed token supply would result in a surge in value that will further fuel its business model. The sophisticated architecture enables impending prospects of the technology, with mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as a preferred payment option being in the core center of its economy.

To find out more, visit https://www.agatechain.org/

Read the white paper here.

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Email: media@agatechain.org

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06/29/2018 - 11:00

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