Best Crypto Portfolio Apps That Must Be Downloaded in 2020 - Track in time your cryptocurrencies

Best Crypto Portfolio Apps That Must Be Downloaded in 2020 - Track in time your cryptocurrencies

Are you having a hard time tracking and managing your cryptocurrency portfolio? Are you wondering which one of the crypto portfolio trackers to use? Well, we got this for you!

What is a cryptocurrency portfolio app?

If you already have made some investments in cryptocurrency, now you need to manage and track the return on your investment. This applies more to large scale investors. Managing the investments manually will never be easy. Some investors used to track their returns by using excel sheets. 

Imagine sitting in front of your laptop and starting to type all that data that needs to be entered on a basic excel sheet. This would take you an enormous amount of time and it would be a nasty piece of work.

Therefore, it is pivotal having a good platform with easy access that will make it possible for you to know how good your investments are doing. Especially nowadays in this eruptive era of crypto with cryptocurrencies popping all over.

As we mentioned above, managing everything manually is not the best idea. You might miss out on the right time to buy or sell by spending huge time typing data manually. So, here comes cryptocurrency portfolio management apps. These are sophisticated apps that help crypto investors track the performance of their crypto investments in a very efficient method.

Nevertheless, there are many crypto portfolio management apps out there. So, this article’s main purpose is to make you familiar with these apps and to help you determine which of these apps you are going to download and use. So stay tuned and continue reading below!

7 Best Crypto Portfolio apps in 2020

1. Coin stats

With over 3000 cryptocurrencies that you can track on over 300 crypto exchanges, coinstats is one of the easiest apps to use. You can download it and install it on your mobile phone or you can visit their website - It has a currency converter and a news feature, so whenever you feel like not going to check social media sites for crypto-related news, you can just check coinstats and read many articles with the hottest trends related to crypto. Also, on their portfolio section, you can add a manual transaction, connect an exchange, connect a wallet and you can connect other platforms as well. The app comes with a price alert counter that will notify you of the latest changes on prices and the latest updates also. 

2. Delta  

Are you a medium level investor? Well, Delta is the app you should go for. This app has a large community of investors and a good thing about it is that it has free and paid plans available with different options to use. It is simple to use and has a clean layout. 

3. Blockfolio

If you are a person that does not like ads you can download blockfolio. This app is ad-free, which was one of the main reasons it took over when it was launched. With over 6000 coins on more than 250 cryptocurrency exchanges, block folio is an app that has the ability to update your portfolio based on trades you make. Some of the key features of blockfolio are the option to see the charts, it alerts in case the price of the coin increases or decreases and it is a full mobile-based app that is available on android and IOS. And the best thing about it is that it is free to use. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

4. Cointracking

 Are you a person that hates tax time? All those documents to prepare and file those taxes can be tiring and give you a headache. Then, cointracking is the app that suits you best since it has its built-in tax reporting tool. Cointracking has the free and the paid plan available. The paid plan might be better for those who are more active otherwise if you do not have more than 200 transactions per month it would not be reasonable to go with the paid plan since the free one would be enough for you. Although the free version could be limited. It’s worth mentioning also that this app is not as simple to use as the previous one mentioned above such delta or blockfolio.

5. Gem

 Gem is one of the apps well designed. So if you like colors and beautiful designs, there you go. It’s a very popular app and there are many things that make it stand out from the others. One of the best things about it, is that it is free to use. We all like that, don’t we?

It is also one of the most trustworthy apps since it has been around since 2013. Another nice thing about Gem is that it has a discovery portal, that will allow you to track some of the prices of altcoins which don’t have a lot of reputation.

6. Altpocket

 If you feel a little lazy and you don’t want to input your data manually, altpocket will do it for you automatically. This app allows you to put your API keys into the system in that way so the trades can get updated automatically.

Altpocket, furthermore has some nice integration options, it is very easy to operate with and has a really attractive data presentation.

7. Coinfinance

 This app has more advanced features that are designed for more experienced crypto investors and traders. Although, it could still be used by new users.


 Well, we tried to inform you related to the portfolio apps that will help you manage and track your crypto investments. It is reasonable to use one of the apps since you want to focus more on investing and you don’t want to waste time doing work manually. In this fast-paced volatile internet world, we have bombarded every day with different information and new opportunities including here the world of cryptocurrency which has brought a new exciting way to make money using the internet. It’s never 100% safe that we will win, but win or lose it is still worth trying! Moreover, if you’re looking for crypto marketing the best agency is based on California.

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02/15/2020 - 21:00

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