Top 5 Cryptocurrency Logos Explained

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Logos Explained

Cryptocurrency is an expanding trend that has taken the world by storm and transformed the financial industry and the global economic system across the world. They are not beholden to any central authority, which means they enjoy protections from government control and interference so much so that other governments are beginning to embrace this new phenomenon. Cryptocurrencies leverage blockchain technology to cement their immutability, decentralization, and transparency. In these modern times, you will experience a tough time finding an established bank, government institution, or software agency that has not researched cryptocurrencies' technology.

Cryptocurrencies have also made rounds on influencing visual graphic design and branding identity. This is particularly true for the logo designs that they utilize in order to further their own branding prospects. A logo serves as the face of the brand and produces memorable imagery or illustration that is embedded in the viewer's mind frame. The cryptocurrency logo design impacts our decision as to whether or not we should place our trust in a specific cryptocurrency and invest in them.

We have done our own investigation on some of the most successful visually aesthetic cryptocurrency logo designs that are making strides in the digital arena. Many graphic design platforms such as Design Pickle and Designster have capitalized on its growth and have created their own respective cryptocurrency logos.

A cryptocurrency logo is critical to your fiscal security and identity. While not many cryptocurrency logos are known among the online community, we will highlight the logos of cryptocurrencies that stand out with the average user.


Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that spearheaded the rise of the cryptocurrency culture in the digital hemisphere, becoming the most recognized and widely-accepted cryptocurrency among users. Many institutions have embraced Bitcoin and sought to adapt its transaction system. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies operating today, as many governments are working to collaborate with its operation.

The Bitcoin logo consists of a capital “B” Letter with two strokes falling at the top and bottom, which serves as a direct reference to the American dollar symbol. This enables Bitcoin to stand out from its competitors as its B letter is encased in an orange circle, making it look like a coin, which is quite a creative outlook. The B orange sign is tied to an italic wordmark that adds a dynamic look for the cryptocurrency logo. This visual combination of the nod to the dollar sign, bold typography, and coin references is an artistic logo that can inspire others to take a similar design approach.


The ripple operates as a medium for banks, digital asset exchanges, and payment providers through RippleNet to provide the user with a convenient experience in sending his money internationally. In terms of the visual design of its logo, it is another cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin that has won over many users. Ripple’s logo consists of a modernistic look of three dots that are interconnected with one another to form a triangular symbol that is unique, simple, and memorable. The color of the symbol is embedded in blue to effuse a feel of wisdom and trust. The imagery of this logo is displayed in bold typography with an icon that conveys connectivity, flow, and decentralization.


Litecoin was created to transfer coins based on a cryptographic tool that is open-sourced and has no central authority management. It operates as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. The Litecoin symbol comprises a polish alphabet “Ł” mark, which enables it to be recognized immediately. It should be noted that the pronunciation of “Ł” is different from that of the English “L.” The symbol is depicted in an Italic shape enclosed in a circle of grey color. While the symbol is italic, the wordmark is not. The legible typography and the right balance between the symbol and wordmark give it a professional outlook.


Dash is a cryptocurrency that is used to make private and immediate payments digitally through an open-source platform that is utilized by thousands of users worldwide.

The Dash name is the combination of the terms Digital and Cash. Its typography consists of a dynamic, distinctive, and bold typeface that makes a significant impact. You can spend Dash anywhere you want irrespective of geographical background. The terminology where both Digital and Cash are amalgamated is a clever and great name for a logo design. It has a distinctive D with unique typography that gives it a foreign flare.


NEM has been recognized as the first Smart Asset blockchain in the world. NEM’s blockchain technology platform provides users with a medium for the management of many types of assets like ownership records, supply chains, currencies, and more. Its typography is Helvetica with tight pacing letters. It consists of a three-arm symbol that is colorful, giving it a modern look. That said, the NEM symbol and wordmark are not complementary, which gives them a distinct outlook than its other blockchain counterparts. The Helvetica typeface has been adopted by much high profile and established brands such as Gillette, which makes it clear that NEM wants to adopt a similar strategy. The mixture of distinctive symbols and bold typography enables NEM to showcase a vibrant logo.

There are plenty of blockchain technologies hoping to capitalize on the successes of the more well-known cryptocurrencies with respect to their logo designs. If you hope to make it as big as the mentioned logos, it is best to use them as a source of inspiration as opposed to outright copying their ideas. The best-case scenario is through an experienced graphic designer that can construct the logo for you.

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